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Veridians Diary: Discovering topics in the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

Hello friend of Veridian,

Learn more about Veridian’s key features including recent updates, and take a look at our work with the Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection creating a ‘topics’ page.
Get up-to-date on Veridian’s features
We often speak about Veridian’s features, highlighting new additions or those that make Veridian stand out from the crowd. However, we thought it was time to bring together our core features, as there may be some you are not aware of and could be using in your collection or in future work with us.

From the fundamentals like our scalability and stability, to search and browse features allowing easy content access, to web accessibility, there’s a lot to be explored.

Veridians Diary: Discovering topics in the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection
Many of the collections we help to build are composed of millions of pages, which can certainly be overwhelming for a user visiting to browse the collection. With these sizable volumes, one way to share the wealth of information and history within each collection is to create a kind of discovery page, where users can explore some of the fascinating content contained within.

For the Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection, they decided to create a ‘topics’ page which offers a ‘featured topic’ section at the top, followed by an extensive list of subjects such as early Denver-area gold mines, flying machines, and prohibition. The team at CHNC collated this information, which we then built into their collection. This ‘topics’ page really brings out some of the riches in the CHNC, allowing users to explore a range of topics in more depth, a compelling display of the wealth of content in this digital collection.

Until next month, best wishes from the Veridian team
Stefan, Michael, Jeffrey, Andrew, Richard, Pei, Shane, Ryan and Wayne.

DL Consulting Ltd., Waikato Innovation Park, 9 Melody Ln, Hamilton East, Hamilton 3216, New Zealand
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