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Elephind Newsletter - December 2017
Dear subscribers and Elephind users,

Wow... there goes 2017! It does seem like the year passes faster when you are working on the things you enjoy! We hope 2017 has been a successful and fruitful year for you all.

"To rest is to walk further" - it's time to take a good rest to wash off all the stress and enjoy a wonderful time with family and friends! We wish all of you a wonderful holiday season and a smooth start to the New Year!

Elephind Updates
To end this year with some variety, we have added three new different style collections to Elephind:
  • Hudson River Valley Heritage Historical Newspapers: A historic newspaper collection from the Hudson River Valley region of New York State.
  • The Stanford Daily Archive: The Stanford student newspaper dating from 1892 to recent years.
  • Hoji Shinbun (邦字新聞) Digital Collection - Japanese Diaspora Initiative: A Japanese/English historic newspaper collection of earlier publications published in the US and Canada.
Hudson River Valley Heritage Historical Newspapers (HRVH)

About HRVH: HRVH Historical Newspapers provides access to digitized copies of historical newspapers from the Hudson River Valley region of New York State. Each newspaper in HRVH Historical Newspapers has its own page with information about the publication, including the date range that is available online and information about the history of the newspaper.

Chronological Coverage: 24th March 1831 to 5th December 2013
Publication Coverage: 34 titles
Geographical Coverage: 5 counties of the New York State, US

Visit the HRVH Historical Newspapers Collection at
The Stanford Daily Archive (Stanford University)

About the Stanford Daily archive: Welcome to The Stanford Daily archive! We are proud to present the collection of issues dating back to 1892. Since its founding, the Daily has informed, educated and entertained Stanford students and the surrounding community.
Providing a firsthand account of life at Stanford from 1892-today, the archive is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to explore American history as seen through the eyes of undergraduates. Issues are presented as originally printed, accompanied by a sidebar featuring articles in plain text. The collection is entirely searchable, and registration is only necessary to make corrections in the plain text.

Chronological Coverage: 19th September 1892 to 13th June 2014

Stanford Daily Home:
Visit the Stanford Daily archive at
Hoji Shinbun (邦字新聞)) Digital Collection (Stanford University & Hoover Institution)

About the Hoji Shinbun Digital Collection: The Hoji Shinbun Digital Collection is currently the world’s largest online archive of open-access, full‑image Japanese American and other overseas Japanese newspapers. All image content in this collection has enhancements added where possible, thus rendering the text maximally searchable. The holdings of each title are also browsable by date, with each title cross searchable with other titles on the platform. This collection is planned to contain some sixty newspapers published in Hawaii and North America. Most publications present a mix of content in Japanese and English, with formats and the proportionality of Japanese/English often changing as a reflection of shifting business and social circumstances.

Chronological Coverage: 18th November 1887 to 30th June 1944
Publication Coverage: 50 titles
Visit the Hoji Shinbun Digital Collection at
Upcoming Updates
February 2018
Elephind Search Tip of the Month:
Searching for someone's name? Try a "proximity search" like "John Smith"~5
The ~5 part tells Elephind to find items containing both the words "John" and "Smith" where they are no more than 5 words apart. So as well as finding "John Smith" it will also find "John J. Smith", "John Frederick Smith", "John Fullerton-Smith", and even ""Smith, John".

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