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Elephind Newsletter - August 2017
Dear subscribers and Elephind users,

Yes... we said this was going to be a bi-monthly newsletter, but since there have been a couple of exciting achievements, we hope to share some news with you while it is still hot.

Earlier this month Kent State University marked the completion of the Digital Daily Kent Stater Archive after four years' development, starting in early 2013. The Kent Stater Archive contains 90 years of Kent State student publications, dated from Feb 1926 to Dec 2016. It covers several historic events as well as some great memories for the Kent State alumnae. To celebrate this success the people at Kent Statue University created an introductory video to share with the rest of the world - We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did!
Elephind Updates
Two university newspaper collections have been added/updated to Elephind - Vassar College Digital Newspaper Archive and Digital Daily Kent Stater Archive. See following for more collection details.
New Source Added
Vassar College Digital Newspaper Archive (The Vassar College Libraries)
About the Vassar College Digital Newspaper Archive
: The Vassar College Digital Newspaper Archive provides access to a wide range of newspapers published by Vassar College students from 1872-present. The publications feature numerous diverse topics, political opinions, literary works and criticisms, and rich illustrations; overall, they provide an excellent overview of ideas, issues, and events happening on- and off-campus throughout Vassar's history. This collection currently contains 4,760 issues comprising 85,022 pages and 210,125 articles.
Publication Coverage: 8 publications - Left of CenterMiscellany NewsThe Vassar Miscellany (literary publication)The Vassar SpectatorUnscrewedVassar ChronicleVassar: The Alumnae/i QuarterlyWomanspeak
Chronological Coverage:  1st April 1872 to 1st January 2015
Visit the Vassar College Digital Newspaper Archives at
Existing Source Updated
Digital Daily Kent Stater Archive (Kent State University)
About the Digital Daily Kent Stater Archive
:This student-run newspaper has been published since 1926 under the titles of The Searchlight, The Kent Stater, and The Daily Kent Stater. The collection now includes issues dating from February 1926 through December 2016. Also included are Kent Summer News and Summer Stater issues from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. From 29 August 2013 through spring 2015, one issue per week was released under the title of KSU Buzz, a weekly entertainment magazine. Please note that there were no issues of the paper from July 1943 through August 1944 and from Fall 1950 on file in print or on microfilm in Kent State University Special Collections and Archives. Within some issues from the 2000s, some damage has occurred to portions of pages due to the binding process. This collection currently holds 10,127 issues comprising 93,541 pages and 498,536 articles.
Publication Coverage: 6 publications - Daily Kent Stater, Kent State University Summer News, The Kent Stater Summer Bulletin, The Kent StaterThe Searchlight, The Summer Kent Stater
Chronological Coverage: 25th February 1926 to 8th December 2016
Visit the Digital Daily Kent Stater Archive at
Upcoming Updates
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