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August 2019

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Hi from the Elephind team,

This month, we have two updated newspaper collections to share.

Updated Newspaper Collections
Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections

: This collection is a project of the Library at the University of Illinois. It includes newspapers and trade journals in a variety of fields, such as American agriculture, the entertainment industry, and college news publications.

Chronological Coverage: November 10th 1831 to March 31st 2011

Publication Coverage:
129 newspaper titles primarily from Illinois and the Midwest.

Visit the Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections

Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection (CHNC)

: A service of the Colorado State Library, the CHNC currently includes 365 newspaper titles published in Colorado. Newspapers within the collection come from throughout the state, and include papers published in English, German, Italian, Japanese, Slavic, Spanish, Serbian and Swedish. This collection contains 224,093 issues comprising more than 1.5 million pages.

Chronological Coverage: April 23rd 1859 to November 1st 2017  

Publication Coverage: 356 Colorado newspaper titles.

Visit the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection
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