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June 2019

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Hi from the Elephind team,

This month, we have two updated newspaper collections to share.

Updated Newspaper Collections
  • Catholic News Archive: 430,631 Catholic newspaper pages. A project of the Catholic Research Resources Alliance (CRRA) in support of the mission to provide enduring global access to Catholic research resources.
  • Digital Michigan Newspapers: The Clarke Historical Library preserves Michigan’s historic newspapers through microfilm and into digital formats. This archive contains 360,950 pages.
Catholic News Archive

This archive of Catholic newspapers is an important research resource. It is fully text searchable, so search anything that interests you and see it in the context of the newspapers' editorials, pictures, and advertisements. This collection contains 15,784 issues comprising 430,631 pages.

Chronological Coverage: October 22nd 1831 to December 1st 2016  

Publication Coverage: Thirteen Catholic newspaper titles from different cities across the United States.

Visit the Catholic News Archive

Digital Michigan Newspapers

: For nearly 50 years, the Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University has been actively preserving the state's historic newspapers through microfilm. They are now converting the treasure trove of historical newspapers into digital formats that can be accessed on-line. This collection currently contains 41,323 issues comprising 360,950 pages.

Chronological Coverage: May 31st 1830 to December 29th 2016

Publication Coverage:
71 newspaper titles from Michigan state.

Visit Digital Michigan Newspapers

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